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A professional film lab

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Disposable cameras

Capture the party or let your guests photograph your big day with the market's best party camera.
Shop disposable cameras and special offers at CPH-LAB.


Become a part of the analog wave in our digital age and get unique pictures. Forget about your instagram filters - shoot analog and get the real deal.  

CPH-LAB is designed and run by a passioned team of film geeks. We have tailored a service which makes it easy for everyone to have their films developed no matter where they live in the country. 

The keywords of our service is that it should be easy, the quality has to be excellent and shooting film should be available for everyone.

Analog pictures and their charm is something which impress. We love the look, the colors, the grain and the natural feel which film has. Unfortunately though, there is not many places left to have your film developed these days. So that's what we want to fix. With CPH-LAB everyone now has a serious film lab available - right here online! We're looking forward to handling your films and beautiful work!

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One lab, many possibilities

We also do digitalization of VHS tapes, slides, paper images and cine rolls


Send your
films to us


Put your goods in an envelope or parcel, mark it with your order number and mail it to us.

We always recommend you to use a service including track n trace!

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receive your pictures


Depending on what you ordered, we will send you your digital files directly to your mail or your negatives and prints by post.

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The choice for the professionals but with the lowest prices


Trusted by the professionals

"The images are so sharp, the colours are spot on and I received the scans back so quickly! They're definitely my go to film service in Copenhagen!"

— Bailey Wilday, Professional photographer


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Loved by
the people

"Go service - Venlig betjening - Stærkt håndværk"

"Som digital prof-hobby-fotograf, med hang til det analoge i fritiden, tør jeg sagtens overlade mine film og negativer til CPH-LAB, som hermed får min klare anbefaling!"

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we use the best equipment for your films 

We use only the very best equipment on the market to make sure that we always get the most out of your shots

We work with:

Fuji Fronter SP-3000

Fuji Frontier SP-500


Meet the team


Benny Thelin

Owner of the film lab, lab manager and owner of Hørsholm Foto.

Favorite film:

Kodak Tri-X 400

Emil CPHLAB_edited.jpg

Emil Basse

Founder of CPH-LAB.  Marketing and communication.

Favorite film:

Kodak Colorplus


Brian Thelin

Primary lab operator. Chemistry, processing, scans and prints.

Favorite film:

Kodak Gold 200


William Green

Lab assistant and professional photographer. @williamgreenphotos

Favorite film:

Ilford XP2


Emil Christensen

Lab assistant.

Processing, scans and prints.

Favorite film:

Fuji Provia

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