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send us your film

Learn how to get your film developed at CPH-LAB

Order how your films should be processed through our ordering page. You can order processing, digital scans and prints. After you place your order you will receive an order number.


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Put your films in an envelope or parcel, sign it with your order number (tell us your email on a note inside also) and send the package to us by mail. You decide yourself which company should deliver us your films. 

We always recommend that you purchase track and trace for your shipment.

See address below.



Depending on what you have purchased, we will send you your digital files directly to your email or your negatives and print by mail.

We also offer to store your negatives for up to a year. So you can subsequently purchase a larger scan or prints or have your negatives shipped back in batches after multiple film processes. 


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How should I send my films to CPH-LAB?

You decide yourself how your films get delivered to our studio. Use your prefered delivery method, use our parcel portal or hand them in personally in the studio: CPH-LAB v. Hørsholm Foto, Hovedgaden 12, 2970 Hørsholm

Use our
parcel portal

We always recommend that you send your films securely with track n trace. 

Use our shipping portal on the link below.

It's easy and safe.


Personal hand in?

Do you live nearby? Feel free to bring in your films personally! We're there within Hørsholm Foto's regular opening hours on weekdays at 10-18, Saturday at 10-15.

You are also welcome to throw your films in our mailbox with order number.

All ordering and payment at CPH-LAB takes place exclusively via the website :-)

NOTE! There is special corona opening hours: weekdays at 11am-15pm.


At CPH-LAB, we know that storing and organizing all your negatives can be a headache. Therefore, we offer to store your negatives for up to a year after your order is completed. 

Later on, you'll always be able to have your negatives shipped back if you decide to. You can also have your negatives shipped back from multiple orders in batches.


Have you ordered film processing? Then ship your films to this address:

CPH-LAB/ Hørsholm Foto

Hovedgaden 12,

2970 Hørsholm DK


Special requests for the proccessing / scan?

If you have special requests on the process or scanning of your films, then dont hestitate to attach a note with your films where you clearly describe your wishes. Make it clear exactly which of your films should be treated how.


Unfortunately, CPH-LAB is not yet able to offer push / pull film processing.

Do you have questions?

You will find answers to many questions under our FAQ and otherwise you should always feel free to contact us :-)

place an order

Easily order your film processing directly on our ordering page. Scans and prints are also available.

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