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Denmark's new online film lab

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The vision of making analog photography available for everyone

CPH-LAB is a new online film service ready to process your films no matter your location in the country. Always close by - right here on the internet, ready to process your films, scan your negatives, print your masterpieces and send you new films when you run out.

Today it is far from anyone who has a local film lab or darkroom available, but we would very much like to change that! So here we are. CPH-LAB - a passionate film studio run by competent film geeks who are ready to receive and manage your films for you.

Send us your films by mail and we'll do the rest. That is the vision. The analog is not dead at all - it has too much charm for that. That's why everyone should have it available, and they have it now. 


Meet the team


Benny Thelin

Owner of the film lab, lab manager and owner of Hørsholm Foto.

Favorite film:

Kodak Tri-X 400

120 frame hjemmeside.jpg

Emil Basse

Founder of CPH-LAB.  Marketing and communication.

Favorite film:

Kodak Colorplus


Brian Thelin

Primary lab operator. Chemistry, processing, scans and prints.

Favorite film:

Kodak Gold 200


William Green

Lab assistant and professional photographer. @williamgreenphotos

Favorite film:

Ilford XP2


Emil Christensen

Lab assistant.

Processing, scans and prints.

Favorite film:

Fuji Provia

The lab

CPH-LAB is a film lab as well as a webshop established in 2019 with a vision of making analog photography available for everyone. We do this by serving as a web-based film lab and we are ready to receive your films by mail. We care about our high quality as well as the good experience, and we take our customers seriously. The lab is located at Hørsholm Foto - a well-established Danish camera shop which houses one of Denmark's most professional film labs, including one of the very few professional developer machines left in Denmark. CPH-LAB is run by a competent team that takes its customers seriously, and Hørsholm Foto has with analog films for decades including the primetime of analog photography before digital cameras were invented. The lab can process C41 films, and positive films as well as black and white films are handled by our partner Laboratoriet i Nannasgade, but scanning is still done by CPH-LAB's professional scanners, which are among the best on the market. The primary workhorse for scanning 35mm negatives is a Fuji Frontier SP-500.

In addition, CPH-LAB also functions as a regular webshop with a wide selection of analog films for sale.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page, mail or social media:


Instagram: @CPH.LAB 

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