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Normal color negative 35mm processing

NOTE: Developing a film produces neither print nor digital images.

The film development process is purely the chemical process that must be done before the film is ready for making images of it. If you do not have a scanner yourself, you should look at our product Development + Scan instead.

When ordering this item you pay for the development of ordinary color negative C41 film. You can either purchase a scan of your film or send your processed negatives back so you can scan them yourself.

The number of films you submit to us must be the same as the number you buy here at the webshop.


Process time:

Normal color negative C41: Up to 5 working days not including arrival day.

Black/white and E6 color positive: Up to 12 working days not including arrival day.

Normal color negative 35mm processing

  • Do you want push/pull process of your film? This can be purchased in addition to your processing at the following link. The number of films that need push/pull must match the number of additional purchases:  PUSH/PULL

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We deliver the most beautiful colors and a razor sharp standard resolution 

The choice for the professionals but with the lowest prices


Trusted by the professionals

"The images are so sharp, the colours are spot on and I received the scans back so quickly! They're definitely my go to film service in Copenhagen!"

— Bailey Wilday, Professional photographer


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Loved by
the people

"Go service - Venlig betjening - Stærkt håndværk"

"Som digital prof-hobby-fotograf, med hang til det analoge i fritiden, tør jeg sagtens overlade mine film og negativer til CPH-LAB, som hermed får min klare anbefaling!"


Quality means everything

We use only the very best equipment on the market to make sure that we always get the most out of your shots

We work with:

Fuji Fronter SP-3000

Fuji Frontier SP-500

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