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Process + Scan

Send us your films and we will process and scan them digitally in high resolution! Immediately after scanning your images, we will send them to you directly by email.

Read more about this item and how to do it in the "Send your film" section


Process time:

Normal color negative C41: Up to 5 working days not including arrival day.

Black/white and E6 color positive: Up to 12 working days not including arrival day.


Scan resolutions:

Large: 2692 × 1830 - High quality scan. Suitable for prints on A4 size.

X-Large: 3637 × 2433 - For the enthusiasts. Suitable for prints on A3 size paper.

XX-Large: 3649 × 5362 - For the professionals. Suitable for poster size prints.

Print sizes above are indicative. Sharpness also depends on the specific film and the circumstances in which the film was shot.


File Format: JPG

Process + Scan

kr158.00 Regular Price
kr119.00Sale Price

    We deliver the most beautiful colors and a razor sharp standard resolution