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Ilford XP2 400 black/white C41

Ilford XP2 400 is a very special black/white film as it is chemically manufactured to be developed as a color film - this means that the film can be developed in most film labs including directly at CPH-LAB without any extra costs. A regular black/white film has an extra processing price, but this one doesnt. If you choose to have this film developed at CPH-LAB, you can simply order the development as a regular 35mm color film.

Ilford is known for their black/white films, but this one differs in its harsher and contrasting expression compared to Ilford's most other black and white films. However, it is easy to work with as it has a large dynamic range and can be under-exposed as well as over exposed many times with still good results.

The ISO-400 light sensitivity makes the film usable for daylight and evening / indoor shots.

Ilford XP2 400 black/white C41


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